Below is a selection of videos that Jennifer worked on:

Falling in Paris, short film, student production at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, Maine.  [Camera/Scriptwriter/Audio]

Stranded, book trailer, author Matthew P. Mayo [Producer/Camera/Editor]

The Jesuit Rec Room: Barry Taylor Full Episode, The IN Network [Editor]

Dear Pope Francis: Children of the World Bring Their Questions to Rome, The IN Network [Field Producer/Camera/ Editor]

Tomorrowland and Mad Max: Fury Road – The INNdustry with Sister Rose, The IN Network [Editor]

Pre-Prans with Ruthie – Vodka Lime, The IN Network [Editor]

Blood of the Martyrs, Loyola Productions, Inc., documentary film (available through [2nd Unit Camera]

Snowbirds, Pinchpenny Productions [Field Producer/Camera/Editor]

15,000 Pounds of Rattlesnake, Pinchpenny Productions [Field Producer/Camera/Editor]

Consecrated in Cleveland, Loyola Productions, Inc. [Field Producer]

Opus Prize 2011 – Heal Africa Documentary, Loyola Productions, Inc., Telly Award [Field Producer]

Opus Prize 2011 – Associação dos Pequenos Productores Rurais do Jacaré, Loyola Productions, Inc., October 2011, Telly Award [Field Producer]