GQ and the Hermit, Treasure Hunters, Fairy Houses, and a Roving Tiger …

GQ September 2014It’s a month of hot new releases and new adventures on the road! I’m so excited to announce that some of the photographs from various projects that I worked on last year are making their way into the marketplace. First up: GQ magazine and the elusive Maine hermit. “The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit,” Michael Finkel’s story for the September issue of GQ magazine, features a few of my exclusive, never-before published photos of the camp that Christopher Knight (aka, “The Hermit”) made in the Northwoods of Maine. I was one of two photojournalists who photographed Christopher Knight’s camp before it was taken down and removed by law enforcement officials. Many thanks to Michael for the GQ recommendation. And my deepest gratitude to my friend, writer Andrew Vietze, who invited me to cover the story with him.

Ahoy, matey, where’d ye say that treasure is buried?

Treasure Hunter's Handbook

Last summer I had the pleasure of working with author Liza Gardner Walsh on her new book, Treasure Hunter’s Handbook. Liza is a blast to work with—I was super psyched when we had the chance to work together again (the previous summer we collaborated on the Fairy Garden Handbook). Liza has a great sense of humor and tons of patience (which was really tested in locating the Camden Hills geocache, what a doozy!), she’s super creative, and she encourages kids of all ages to adventure out, explore, and appreciate the natural world. As an added bonus, while working on this book I had the opportunity to learn how to: pan for gold, geocache using a compass and/or iPhone, run a metal detector, crack a geode, mine for Maine tourmaline, and search for buried pirate treasure. If you’re interested in learning about treasure hunting, then this is the book for you!

Teeny houses for magical creatures—fairies!

2015 Fairy Houses CalendarAnother project I worked on last year was to photograph the 2015 Fairy Houses Calendar for Down East Books. What a fun challenge! Some of the houses I created and photographed at our former home in Northport, Maine. I had excellent help and received tons of fairy house-making tips from family and friends, especially from my husband, mom, mom-in-law, and the good folks at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (the 270 acres of gardens and tidal shore land are true paradise—and for fairy house lovers, check out the Shoreland Fairy House Village, you can create your own fairy house!). Many thanks to all of you! I hope the 2015 Fairy Houses calendar provides inspiration for building fairy houses, no matter what time of year!

A four-wheel drive … Tiger!

The Tiger at Lake Granby, Arapaho National Recreation Area, Granby, Colorado
The Tiger at Lake Granby, Arapaho National Recreation Area, Granby, Colorado

What’s got four tires, four-wheel drive, and an integrated custom-made hi-tech hipster camper attached to its body with 350 watts of solar power? Not any four-legged creature that I know of, yet! Ha! It’s a Tiger Adventure Vehicle!

In early May, my husband, Matthew, and I sold our beloved Airstream (Ducky) and Ford F250 (Big T) and purchased a self-contained adventure mobile: a Tiger Bengal TX from Provan Industries in Columbia, South Carolina. We loved the Airstream, but ultimately we wanted to go places where we couldn’t take her—or didn’t dare to because she was too beautiful to get banged up! We named our Tiger “Snowbird” (Snowy for short) and in the short time we’ve had her, she has taken us to some incredible places such as Smoky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Bighorn National Forest, the Beartooth Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest, and more! To read about our latest adventures, check out our travel blog, Trail Dust, which is run off our publishing company’s website, Gritty Press.