Ch-ch-ch-changes … and a Super-Duper Overhaul!

A sultry wood frog hangs out on the surface of our pond in Maine.
A sultry wood frog hangs out on the surface of our pond in Maine.

Wahoo!! Spring has really, truly, officially arrived in … Maine! How do I know? Our pond is full of hot, steamy frogs on the make (ew!) and they are broadcasting it to anyone who will listen! Yowza, it’s getting warm in here! (Now I know you’re thinking, but just not saying: Did she get footage of that? Let’s just say … heck yeah!)

Since last autumn, my hubby and I decided to change our traveling lifestyle from full-time RVing to part-time. We had an awesome year-and-a-half exploring the USA (40 States, wow!—check out our Trail Dust Blog for more about our adventures!) and we’ll continue to do so together, just in a more focused way. A home base seemed like the best choice for us, especially considering the huuuge projects we’ve been working on lately, and the amount of travel I’ve done. (Since October, my video production/photography projects have taken me to England, El Salvador, Los Angeles, and Cleveland, Ohio. More about those soon!)

We bought a place with about 15 acres, a pond, and an orchard in the northwoods of Maine just before the first blizzard hit in January (great timing, yikes!). We’ve been hunkered down in our farmhouse all winter (I was here most of the time, really!) and crikey, the fresh sights, sounds, and smells of spring are surely the finest things we’ve encountered since the new washer and dryer arrived. If you hung your hat out here in the Northeast this winter, you’ll get my drift … snow drift that is.

And now for the exciting news: I’m creating an online database of my images. Yahoo! Thousands and thousands of the rangy beasties (images) are going to be wrangled and dragged, kicking and screaming, and uploaded into the web-o-sphere for folks to peruse and soon, to purchase. This winter I spent an unhealthy amount of time researching different stock photo services (some would call that procrastination), and seriously considered the services of Photo Shelter, Zenfolio, SmugMug, and PhotoDeck. I’ve chosen PhotoDeck for reasons that will be detailed in a later post. I’ll let you know how I like it.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be overhauling my website and blog. Eventually my site ( will become the photo database and the blog will be an offshoot of the site. I’m testing a few galleries right now, you can check them out at: or click on the Photo Galleries tab at the top. I’ll be adding lots of images in the next few months … unless I get a gig in Argentina!

See you on the trail!