Wagons Ho!

Ducky in San Angelo, TexasWhoosh—was that summer? Thanksgiving is this coming week?

Wow, it’s been way too long since I posted an update. Sorry about that. It’s been a wild ride since my last post (our visit to Vegas in June). Since then: We sold our house in Maine and about 97% of our stuff, wrapped up a pile ‘o work projects, bought a big Ford F-250 pickup truck (“Big T” to you and me) and an Airstream Flying Cloud (“Ducky”), and we’ve rambled our way to Arizona. We’re in our second month of full-time roving and we are having a grand time!

Why in the world would we sell a house on the ocean in Maine and most of our stuff? Find out at our Trail Dust Blog at GrittyPress.com.

(Gritty Press is a small publishing empire that Matt and I operate, and we’ve got big plans for the coming year!)

‘Til my next post, best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Upcoming Digi-Photo Workshops in Surprise, Arizona!

Gambel's Quail female, Sun Village, Surprise, Arizona
Gambel’s Quail female, Sun Village, Surprise, Arizona

In March, 2013 I am offering four Digi-Photo Workshops for the residents of Sun Village, in Surprise, Arizona: Digi-Photo I, Digi-Photo II, iPad/iPhone/iPad Photo Workshop, and Photography in the Park (White Tank Mountain Regional Park!). For specific details about the workshops, click here.

As an instructor, I specialize in working with Senior students and enjoy sharing experiences from 25-plus years as a photographer (National Geographic, New York Times, numerous books, and more). My classes are hands-on, interactive workshops—we dive right in and improve our picture-making skills right away. We move along at a reasonable pace and questions are encouraged. Class sizes are limited so that students get plenty of hands-on attention. My workshops often sell-out quickly and student evaluations consistently rank them as two thumbs-up.

I really look forward to these upcoming workshops, meeting and working with the Sun Village residents, and exploring the beautiful, sunny Southwest. We’ll have a great time and learn loads about photography from each other!