The Countdown Begins … Number 10

Let the countdown begin! Over the next few weeks I’ll work my way down a list of my Top 10 Favorite Photo Moments from last year. I’ll post an outtake photo or two, a link to the finished project (a few are coming soon in 2012!), and a few words about what made that particular place—or shooting moment—so memorable. Stay tuned for Number 9, coming soon!

Number 10: UVM Morgan Horse Farm, Weybridge, Vermont

I spent a hot June day photographing Morgan horses—from wee lads and lasses and their mamas to adolescents in serious training. Two memorable moments: The first occurred while I was photographing in the middle of the nursery paddock. The UVM staff ushered the foals and the mares out of the barn and into their paddock. It was a lovely sunny day and it wasn’t long before the babies plopped down and snoozed at their mamas’ feet (this is always disconcerting to me, they look so … still). I quietly made some photographs and happened to slowly turn around to stand up and—hello!—there appeared one very curious filly looking down at me! As I stood up she didn’t shy away, but followed me around, sniffing me, snorting into my camera … nudging me in the back when I wasn’t making photos of her! It was a grand time and she put bad thoughts into my head about considering raising horses (my poor husband!).


The second memorable moment happened later that day. In the afternoons, the UVM staff often will lead a Morgan mother with her foal following along to the farm’s front paddock. It’s a great place for visitors to get a closer view of the horses. This day was no exception. The mare, UVM Freedom, walked quietly on her lead to the paddock. Her foal, a beautiful Chestnut filly named UVM Trinity had a different idea. Once she was out of the barn, she shot forward, ran a couple of circles around her mom, bucked about a bit, then gathered speed and struck off across the wide expanse of freshly mowed lawn. She galloped around and had a grand old time, whinnying to her mom, flying by under the stately Justin Morgan statue, and happily evaded capture by the staff until she got a bit … well … reprimanded. Her mom called to her and eventually Trinity found her mom and coasted into the paddock. What a great moment!

By the way, UVM Trinity, is the Morgan Horse Farm 2011 Raffle Filly. Her sire is UVM Tennyson. Click here for info about the 2012 Raffle.

Project: Vermont Icons: 50 Classic Symbols of the Green Mountain State, Globe Pequot Press, July 2012.

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