2011 Top 10 Photo Moments … Number 9

Let the countdown begin! Over the next few weeks I’ll work my way down a list of my Top 10 Favorite Photo Moments from last year. I’ll post an outtake photo or two, a link to the finished project (a few are coming soon in 2012!), and a few words about what made that particular place—or shooting moment—so memorable. Stay tuned for Number 8, coming soon!

#9 Burton-Dassett Hills Country Park, Warwickshire, England

During a photo trip to England last January, my aunt took me to visit Burton-Dassett Hills Country Park in Warwickshire. The day was very English: grey, cold, and rainy. Perfect for making pictures … and going to the pub! We drove around the Park for awhile, waiting out the rain which was pouring buckets. At one point, I hopped out of the car, zipped up my weather-beaten and holey wax cotton jacket (regrettably, this really is its final journey outside of home) and wandered about the Park. I spied a flock of sheep amongst the mist and rugged hilltops of the park. I’m a sucker for sheep, so I slowly crouched down and started making a few images. Once they got wind of me, they began walking (okay, running) away from me and as they neared the bottom of a hill, they slowed down. Some stopped and looked back my way. Then the sun broke through the clouds and lit the entire scene. Wow. Stunning. “Hey,” I had to remind myself, “get back to work and make some images.” The moment lasted perhaps a minute, the sun’s rays faded in and out like a waning lightbulb until the gathering clouds covered the golden light once again.


I followed the flock along a path for awhile and met them later near the road. This time they didn’t run from me, but watched me as I clicked a few frames. They were curious, strikingly white fuzzy creatures with mottled black faces, baaa-ing to each other, hoofs delicately tapping the pavement as they crossed from the field to the road to another pasture. When I finally walked back to the car, I thanked my aunt for sharing the Park with me—and her patience in waiting for me—and promised her a hot lunch and a pint at the nearest pub! I look forward to visiting Burton-Dassett again, perhaps in the summer next time….

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